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AN EXPEDITION WITH A HEART That thing we most value in our lives, we helplessly shove them aside for other priorities. Our hobbies, interests, passions, the little things...all seem invisible like speck of dust. We have forgotten to live life, leave alone appreciating it. But ask the ones who do: The sheer satisfaction they achieve by doing what they love, by overcoming the resistance of mundane life surrounded by mediocre thinkers, and the drive within themselves that propels them forward in the path of progress is what makes them a breed apart. Meet the adventurous, affectionate yet ambitious Archana. A woman of many hats – sculptor, wall artist, bespoke carpenter, interior decorator and an enthusiastic biker. With a Master of Visual Arts from Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, Archana teaches art to a keen bunch of students at Mallya Aditi international school in Bengaluru, besides juggling her creative career and her selfless desire to help the deaf and hard-of-hearing people. The main purpose of this trip was to spread awareness about different forms of communication, non-verbal in particular. This led to Archana co-founding a company called Silent Expedition, laying emphasis on inspiring and building confidence to those with hearing disabilities to take up motorcycling or any other means to explore the world outside.But now, she rides for a reason: Bring a paradigm shift in the Indian education system for the hearing impaired. β€œMy main aim is to drive home the point that deaf and hard-of-hearing children need to study exactly the way hearing children do – but in sign language”, asserts Archana. According to her, sign language is their best way to think and express themselves, which will enable them to learn and grow in equal competitiveness with the rest of the world.

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